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RTW's Jones: "We're very, very happy" with APB


Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones is a happy man. MMO APB, five years in the making, is finally coming to market, and he's confident it's going to be a winner.

"We're very, very happy with it," Jones told GI ahead of his GamesHorizon keynote.

"We're looking at a launch date of early 2010 - we've got the partnership with EA Partners cemented, because we knew we'd need to start building presence at retail, marketing-wise. And we've signed a deal with a company on the hosting side - so everything's going really well."

Jones said the firm's confident of a hit.

"We're playing the game every day now, hosted internally - obviously it's a company first, we've never done anything like this before, but overall I think everybody's pretty confident that we'll have a successful launch," he said.

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