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Rockstar: More LA Noire info "in the coming weeks"

LA Noire

Rockstar's told CC tonight that more info will be coming on LA Noire "in the coming weeks."

Little has been said on the Team Bondi title after its Game Informer and Edge reveals a while back, with only a couple of new shot releases since then.

There's no more info on other Rockstar titles Agent or Max Payne 3 as yet, either.

"I’m afraid there’s nothing to report on Agent and Max Payne 3 currently," a rep told the site, "however there will be further updates to follow on LA Noire in the coming weeks."

LA Noire is due this fall, according to Rockstar, although it was rumoured for a delay into spring 2011 as of a recent issue of X360W.

It's due to release on PS3 and 360.

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