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Rockstar: Chinatown Wars is finished

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According to Edge, Rockstar has announced that bar a little bit more spit and polish, work on Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is complete.

In what is a full hands on with the open world DS game, Edge writes:

Central to life on the streets is player character Huang Lee’s PDA, which is displayed on the DS touchscreen. Taking the place of GTAIV’s mobile phone, it shows the minimap, which is identical to GTAIV’s, even down to the way the sat-nav works. It’s also where you access such staples as emails, the main map and now Ammu-nation. The weapons chain is no longer found scattered around the city – it’s now an online store that delivers goods direct to your safehouse.

Interested? Loads more through the link.

By Mike Bowden

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