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Robotoki takes to Kickstarter for The Adventures of Dash

Former Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling has a new project on the go - a crowd-funded 2D puzzle platformer called The Adventures of Dash.

Revealed today on Kickstarter, The Adventures of Dash concerns a young boy who can fall asleep at will. His dreams are different game worlds with very different art and play styles, and by moving around the Awake World (overworld) and stepping in and out of dreams, Dash will encounter and solve puzzles and challenges.

Robotoki is asking for $400,000 to fund the game's DRM-free release on Linux, Mac and PC in November, and is offering a number of neat virtual and physical rewards including an in-game appearance, a day at the studio, and early access to Human Element.

Bowling said the project was born from his frustration that talented artists are forced to constrain their natural creativity in order to stick to a project's particular style and demands. The Adventures of Dash allows his team to showcase their distinct talents.

Check out the pitch video below.

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