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Rise of Immortals character progression outlined

New details of Petroglyph's upcoming free-to-play Rise of Immortals have surfaced, outlining some unique multiplayer features, character progression, and more.

Joystiq reports the action RTS (or MOBA, or DotA clone - pick your acronym) offers players the option to escape the incredible competitiveness of the PvP sphere and play in teams against environmental hazards.

Petroglyph has already created an item-trading system, and plans to implement an in-character multiplayer lobby, allowing players to interact through their avatars.

Each of the twelve champions planned for launch can be levelled through three trees, with Petroglyph suggesting players complete the champion's unique path before choosing to specialise in offense or defence depending on play style.

At around level 25, players will unlock a special power move called a "signature". Characters can also be powered-up with persistent items, which may be available through drops and micro-transactions.

Rise of Immortals sets itself apart from the rest by introducing a new unit called the megacreep. Destroying a structure called a Relic unleashes this enormously powerful creature, but this optional goal will reward your opponent with massive gold and experience if taken down.

Rise of Immortals is currently in alpha and expected to open beta testing over the next few months.

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