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Rise of the Immortals open beta goes live

Petroglyph has announced the open beta to Rise of the Immortals has gone live, and all who participate in it will receive 1,000 Petroglyph Coins worth over $10 as well as an exclusive Immortal skin.

The F2P MOBA game is set to release in the coming weeks, and the nifty skin you will get for playing the beta is a gold version of the robot-suited Psychozen, named The King of Bling.

“Petroglyph, with the help of thousands of our fans, has been testing the game in a closed beta for several months now. We're finally ready to show the game to the world as we polish it for launch,” said Steve Wetherill, the game's executive producer.

“Beta players will see ground-breaking features that we’ve added to the game and which are new to the MOBA genre. From player versus environment maps to character persistence, we’re confident that both MOBA newcomers and MOBA fans will find Rise of Immortals to be a fantastic new game.”

To get in on the action, hit this link and sign up.

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