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Petroglyph: Strength of MOBA is in immediate competitive action

Petroglyph community manager Mathew Anderson has said the multiplayer online battle arena scene (aka MOBA or DotA clone) is doing so well due to its immediacy of action.

"What makes it so enticing right now is the fact that it's easy to get in, very competitive which can be good for those looking for a way to bring the action immediately to them," Anderson told Big Download.

Speaking of Petroglyph's upcoming MOBA, Rise of the Immortals, Anderson it stands out from the crowd because no other title "allows characters that shoot fire magic, look like something from hell, and can be a mean dancer, all in one game".

He also commented on Rise of the Immortals' persistent character growth, social hub, and PvE play, but added that it was "first and foremost a core MOBA game".

Rise of Immortals will launch as a free-to-play title this year.

Petroglyph are also behind End of Nations, Mytheon, and the Graxia series, as well as several games in the Panzer General series and Star Wars: Empire at War.

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