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Riccitello: EA's "got a shot" at taking shooter crown, won't "topple" Reach or Black Ops

Medal of Honor

EA CEO John Riccitello said last night during the company's Q1 FY11 conference call it's "got a shot" at glory in taking back first place in the FPS category

So far in 2010, the publisher's seen a massive surge in the genre with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which sold 2.3 million units in its first two weeks on sale in Europe and North America.

For the rest of the year, it has Medal of Honor in October from Danger Close and DICE, while the latter also "craft" away at Battlefield 3, with an invite to a planned beta at some point next year included with MoH.

Meanwhile, Crytek's Crysis 2 is set to release via EA Partners, but was delayed from autumn into Q4 FY2011 last night, while Epic and People Can Fly's Bulletstorm launches next February.

"Between Battlefield and Medal of Honor, we're going to see a substantial increase in our share against the FPS sector in 2010 compared to years past," said Riccitello.

"I think we've got a shot at getting back into a leadership position over the next couple years. Just watch this space on news we'll bring you on future titles in 2011 and beyond."

But as far as this year goes, Riccitello admitted it won't be beating Halo: Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops.

"Make no mistake, we think we've got the people and brands to take the leadership back in the FPS space, and we're intending to make a good, positive share gain this year," he said.

When asked on if the publisher had a chance against Reach and Black Ops, Riccitello added: "I don't expect to topple either Halo of Call of Duty this year."

Thanks, IGN.

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