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Kingdom Hearts fans, rejoice: the coolest reveal from last week’s Japanese Nintendo Direct is coming west

Good news for those of you that actually like Kingdom Hearts' writing.

A person in a hoodie is walking through a city at night in Reynatis, key art of Reynatis showing the main cast of characters.
Image credit: NIS America

Reynatis, a very stylish looking action game revealed during Japan's Nintendo Direct last week, is actually getting a release in the west.

When I saw the trailer for Reynatis I very quickly thought "oh hey, this reminds me of Kingdom Hearts," not least because one of the game's two main characters is dressed pretty much exactly like Riku in Kingdom Hearts 3. And then I heard the music… and wouldn't you know it, it's Yoko Shimomura, long-time composer of Kingdom Hearts. Then, what do you know, it turns out that lead writer on the Kingdom Hearts series Kazushige Nojima is also the writer on it? And it's set in Shibuya, which Kingdom Hearts 4 will be set in? Damn, this game has me written all over it!

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Unfortunately, it was only shown during the Japanese version of last week's Nintendo Partners Direct, so I was worried it might not get a western release. But, thankfully, as revealed today, the game will be coming to the west this coming fall, and on top of a Nintendo Switch release, it's also coming to PS4, PS5, and PC. You can check out the PlayStation announcement trailer above, which is admittedly looking a little rough in places (spot the framerate issues and slightly PS2-era models), but I'm honestly excited enough at the prospect of a game with two big names like Nojima and Shimomura attached.

"Fantasy meets reality in Shibuya, Tokyo, where magic is something to be feared," reads the game's description on Steam. "In this action RPG, a young wizard seeks freedom through strength, and an officer seeks to control magic and restore order. When their paths cross, a darkness that will transform the world descends." Judging from the PlayStation trailer there'll be several characters you can play as, and unsurprisingly, the combat looks very Kingdom Hearts-esque too.

Hopefully we'll actually see something more of Kingdom Hearts 4 this year too, given that it's almost been two years since it was revealed.

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