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Respawn's VR fps will finally be revealed next month at Oculus Connect 6

Next month, Respawn Entertainment will finally reveal the VR shooter it's been working on.

Respawn Entertainment will reveal its VR title during Oculus Connect 6.

According to the Oculus blog, the developer will reveal its triple-A first-person combat title on stage, and the first hands-on playable demo will be available at the show.

The Apex Legends and Titanfall developer announced it was working with Oculus during the 2017 Oculus Connect event.

At the time, Respawn made it clear that the project is not Titanfall 3: VR.

A release date isn't known at present, but the Oculus shooter is expected sometime this year. We'll likely get a release date during OC6 which runs September 25-26.

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