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Report: Sony waited a day to confirm PSN damage

Sony apparently waited a day to announce the extent of damage done to PSN through April's external intrusion that saw personal data compromised, according to a KyotoNews report.

The information was obtained via a freedom of information request in Japan. It claims that Sony Computer Entertainment wasn't aware of the damage caused until April 25, where a "fairly large amount of data" was compromised.

It also suggests that SCE president Kaz Hirai had given incorrect information in a letter to US Congress, saying Sony had said it didn't find out what been taken until April 26.

The decision made to delay the announcement, according to the document which had the information, was because Sony didn't want to "bewilder our customers," according to a statement given by the company.

"We hadn't figured out (at that time) what kind of data had been leaked. If only passwords and IDs (were breached), they cannot be considered personal information, and so we didn't want to bewilder our customers."

PSN has now returned onlined, and has been since last month.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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