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Report - Ridge Racer Vita runs at 30 FPS, short on content

Japanese press previewed the Vita version of Ridge Racer this week, delivering new gameplay details and screenshots.

Andriasang reports Namco Bandai is very proud of the game's visuals, particularly the night tracks, but an emphasis on details resulted in a trade off of frame rate - down to 30 FPS.

Only five cars and three tracks are included in the base game. Three tracks were mentioned by name, all of them from previous entires in the series - Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks - and were described as very similar to existing versions.

The unusually cheap game has a PlayStation Store DLC store link in the start menu, and the publisher intends to reveal its DLC plans in December.

Namco Bandai apparently explained the game's low price and DLC focus as an effort to lower entry barriers to the game's online modes. It spilled a few more details on the Planetary League; the four teams are named after the PlayStation face button symbols, and each faction's points will be tallied at the end of every month based on daily mission performance.

Ridge Racer will be a Vita launch title, and requires a memory card to play. See the latest trailer here.

Thanks, GamesRadar.

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