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Report: Mac App Store to launch at 5.00pm GMT today [Update]

mac app store

Update: The store is now available to download if you get the latest Mac OSX software update. Thanks, Quiiick.

Original Story: The Mac App Store is set to launch later this evening, according to a report from The Loop.

Apple hasn't announced any specific timing other than it will launch on January 6, but the report claims it'll go live at 12.00pm EST/9.00am PST today, which is 5.00pm GMT.

The Mac App Store works in the same way the current App Store for iPhone does. Only it's for Macs.

The Mac App Store will take care of downloads in the same way iTunes would with its own downloads. It'll also alert you to any updates to the app you've downloaded.

Any and all apps you purchase from the store will work on all the Macs you own.

Thanks, EG.

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