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Report: Luigi's Mansion 2 not a Ninty title (but looking good anyway)

Admire this trailer and stack of screens while you ponder the news that Luigi's Mansion 2 isn't an internal Nintendo title.

Contrary to press releases, Kotaku reports the game is being developeed by Next Level Games, the Canadian studio behind the Wii version of Punch Out!

Apparently in this sequel, just turning a light onto spooks won't get rid of them.

Various kinds of ghosts must be overcome using different methods, although in the main, you'll need to stun them with a strobe before sucking them into the Poltergust weapon.

The Poltergust also allows Luigi to tear down wallpaper, exposing secret rooms.

The first Luigi's Mansion is a fondly-remembered Gamecube launch title. This 3DS incarnation is due in 2012, and was announced during Nintendo's press conference.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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