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Report - GRIN was working on a Strider reboot and Streets of Rage remake before shuttering

Concept art and a video from a purported remake of Strider along with concept art from the cancelled Final Fantasy: Fortress have surfaced over on the Spanish site Anait Games. According to site, the assets were sent over by a former Grin Barcelona employee which worked at the firm before it was shuttered in 2009. The employee stated when the Final Fantasy game was cancelled, the firm started working with Ubisoft on financing "the game formerly known as Strider" and was in talks with Capcom, and working on a new Streets of Rage game. Sadly, none of the titles were to see the light of day, as GRIN is now no more. You can check out a video of what was the firm's Strider reboot below, and look over the rest of the concept art from Fortress, which has a decidedly Noric feel to it, through the link.Thanks, Victor.

Teaser Videogame from 23L on Vimeo.

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