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Report: GameStop looking at buying Spanish, Portugese GAME stores

GameStop is interested in buying 291 shops belonging to GAME in the Iberia region, including Spain and Portugal, according to a report in The Indepdent.

The report claims that GAME put its 663 store overseas operation up for sale in January by advisors Rothschild.

Eurogamer has seemingly backed up the report, adding the US retailer is one of several outlets looking at a buyout of the retailer, adding its current ongoing online sale of stock is to entice possible buyers.

GameStop had previously been mentioned in regards to a GAME takeover. Both have declined to comment on The Independent report.

It comes as Capcom announced earlier this week it wasn't to stock Asura's Wrath and Street Fighter x Tekken in stores ahead of both games' releases tomorrow in the UK. They join Mass Effect 3 on the list of games that won't be stocked tomorrow, as will the remainder of EA's March lineup.

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