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Report - Duke Nukem Forever DLC plans outed by demo files

Some clever types poking around in the Duke Nukem Forever demo have reportedly uncovered files hinting at future DLC plans.

Egamer found evidence of three planned DLC packs, among other information such as achievements; cheat codes; maps; and babe types.

The first pack apparently contains four weapons - the BFG, minigun, noobtube, and sticky grenade.

Three maps are suggested by the next, each with mysterious code names.

Finally, the third is reported to sport 15 new single-player maps, the Impregnader weapon, plus arm wrestling, a bus, and a karaoke machine.

At this point I'd believe anything is possible, and Duke's testosterone-dripping voice actor Jon St. John has also dropped hints to Eurogamer that something singing related is planned.

Duke Nukem Forever drops on June 10 internationally but June 14 in the US, for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The demo is available now for First Access Club members - those who pre-ordered the game or bought the Borderlands GotY edition.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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