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Duke Nukem Forever makes Japanese gamers' 2012 s**t list

Duke Nukem Forever has been voted one of the worst games released in Japan in 2012.

According to Kotaku's translation of entries on the "S**t of the Year Wiki", Japanese gamers complained about the map design; puzzles; low loading; freezes; large install; poor autosave timing; poor enemy AI.

Perhaps most damningly, Japanese gamers criticised the lack of DLC or patches for the Japanese version, not to mention the fact that multiplayer servers were deactivated just weeks after local launch.

Duke Nukem Forever holds a metascore of 49-54 across all platforms.

Three other games were nominated this year - on-rails shooter Heavy Fire: Afghanistan; RPG Time and Eternity, which is headed west; and grand prize winner Taiheiyo no Arashi -Senkan Yamato, Akatsuki ni Syutsugekisu.

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