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Relentless will self-publish new title, still close to Sony


Last year, Relentless talked to VG247 about a new secret project in the works: today he company confirmed it'll be self-publishing it.

The Buzz maker has been hard at work on this new Sony title, and despite the world's economic woes, can afford to self-publish. The firm's even looking to hire more staff.

"Despite the current economic crisis, we're pleased to say that we're still hiring," says the Relentless website.

"We have some open positions for our future Buzz titles and we're also hiring for our self-published Secret Project, more news of which in the coming months.

"At Relentless we're more than a one hit wonder. Sony keep us very busy with our Buzz projects but there's something bubbling under at Relentless Towers. We've taken everything we've learned about making social games and the result is what, for the time being, is known as Secret Project #1."

Good to hear.

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