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Relentless: "We've had offers, but selling isn't top of our list"

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Speaking exclusively to VG247 in Brighton today, Relentless Software's Andy Eades confirmed that offers have been made for the Buzz! developer but there won't be a sale just yet.

"It's not top of our list of things to do," said Eades on the subject of selling the highly successful independent.

"We've had offers, but I don't think we've finished doing what we're doing now, which is making social games... We didn't really build Relentless to sell it in five years, and we're only five years old now. There's more to do with it before we sell.

"Of course, if someone was to offer me a massive amount of money then we'd reconsider."

Eades was speaking ahead of Brighton's Develop conference, which starts in earnest tomorrow.

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