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Reggie explains why only the WiiU controller was shown today

NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime has explained to G4 why it was only WiiU's controller placed in the spotlight of the console's E3 reveal today, and not the machine itself.

"We focused on the controller, because that really is going to drive the key point of difference," he said, speaking in a video interview you'll find below. "Yes, the visuals are going to be beautiful - we showed just a smattering of what we can do - but what will make it new, unique, different is going to be the controller."

The exec went on to confirm that normal Wii games won't receive a graphics boost from being played on the new console next year - it was announced earlier that WiiU will play all Wii titles.

WiiU, the next Nintendo console, was shown for the first time in the company's E3 press conference in LA this morning. Get full impressions and details on that here, and get a look at the interview below.

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