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Reeves shrugs off FFXIII on 360 saying, "It's still exclusive in Japan"

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SCEE president David Reeves has shrugged off Microsoft's intended E3 coup de grace FFXIII announcement by predicting a hardware boost from the game's release and pointing out that it's still a Japanese PS3 exclusive.

"I think that just as we got a massive blip up with GTA IV – which was not exclusive – we'll get exactly the same blip up with Final Fantasy," he told VG247 on whether or not the 360 version will effect PS3 hardware sales.

"I know it will look great on PS3 and – it's up to Microsoft to clarify this – it's still exclusive in Japan."

Reeves was speaking at Games Convention in Leipzig last week.

FFXIII is slated for PS3 Japanese release next year, with a simultaneous 360 and PS3 release in the west to follow.

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