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Rebellion thinks it's "great" that more than one Alien game is coming


Rebellion's Tim Jones has told D'Toid that he thinks it's terrific that more Alien games are in the works, even if it's not being made by the firm, apparently.

"As a life-long Aliens fan, I think it's terrific that Sega is publishing more than one Aliens game in the near future," he told the site. "I'm naturally very excited to see what the talented guys at Gearbox deliver."

"We've been such obsessive fans of the franchises for so long that we seem to have a natural instinct for what we can add to the universe, while remaining faithful to, and consistent with, what has gone before. Naturally, when we create new concepts, we throw around all sorts of crazy ideas before settling on what seems right but Fox and Sega have been very supportive of all the ideas we've proposed. No doubt there'll be one or two things that will provoke 'healthy debate' among the fans when they experience them."

More through the link.

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