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Real Racing 3 dev cites "relatively low" interest in real-time mobile multiplayer

Playing with friends in real-time is just too much work on mobile platforms, according to Real Racing 3 associate producer Michael De Graaf.

"We've always seen a relatively low number of people actually playing the real-time multiplayer [in our previous mobile games]," De Graaf told Pocket Gamer.

"And that's likely just because it's a lot of work - particularly if you want to play with friends - syncing up and being able to play together at the same time."

That said, Firemonkeys knows people do want to interact with their friends, and that's why Real Racing 3 boasts an asynchronous multiplayer mode; it's a little like traditional ghost racing, but you can interact with the vehicle representing your friend.

"The time shift multiplayerTSM was the result of our looking at the game and thinking, 'what's going to be the best way to get you racing against your friends but without your having to actually co-ordinate and play at the same time?'" De Graaf said.

That's not to say real-time multiplayer might not turn up later on.

"We'll look to see what the community reaction is," De Graaf promised. "We're very keen on continuing to update the game, and we'll be looking at what the community is interested in doing. We'll try to tackle those things that keep getting requested."

Real Racing 3 is coming to Android and iDevice.

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