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Rare, Molyneux originally wanted buttons for Kinect


Buttons, you say, Watson? Astonishing.

Rare's George Andreas has told Edge the studio and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux had strongly wanted buttons for Kinect originally, going as far as being "very vocal" to boss Kudo Tsunoda at the time, before deciding down the line they weren't needed.

"We were absolutely adamant that we needed a button, something with haptic feedback, that would initiate an action," said Andreas.

"It took a long time - we threw some prototypes together and then we saw you didn't need one.

"We were very vocal to Kudo [Tsunoda, Kinect lead] at the time, and Peter Molyneux was as well, that you needed something in your hand," he added.

The tech for Kinect allows the player to become the controller itself instead of using a physical controller.

Kinect launches on Novemeber 10 in Europe with Rare's Kinect Sports being a launch title.

Via Kotaku, CVG.

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