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Rare hiring for cloud-based Kinect title, 'jaw-dropping' next-gen project

Rare is currently hiring for a new project that uses both Kinect and cloud-based technology. That doesn't sound like Killer Instinct 3 to us. Regardless, get the details below.

As spotted by OXM, a job posting for 'Principal Network Services Engineer' states:

"Following on from the success of ‘Kinect Sports’ and its recent sequel ‘Kinect Sports: Season Two’, Rare is continuing to push the boundaries of the Kinect hardware with our exciting new project. We’re looking for an experienced and passionate engineer to join us on this journey.

"This role will involve you working as part of the Cloud Services engineering team in order to develop and deliver Cloud Services for our current and future products. As part of your role, you will be required to work closely with Artists, Designers, Producers and Program Managers.

"As a Principal, you may also be expected to undertake some elements of leadership including mentoring other engineers and helping drive the direction of Cloud Services in our future titles."

The following job requirements also make repeated mention of cloud-based features, stating that the successful candidate must, "Deliver cloud services that support gameplay, data sharing and title instrumentation, work closely with design in order to define ambitious cloud services within our upcoming titles," and "Contribute to the long-term cloud services strategy at Rare to ensure we will be able to provide players with the services they expect from future titles."

Elsewhere, a second job post for 'Gameplay Engineer', points at Xbox 720 involvement, and, "Working with extremely early prototype hardware co-developed with teams located off-site."

The post describes the product as a, "Jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare project."

So, Kinect, the Cloud, 'jaw-dropping' and next-gen. What could that mean? Get theorising below.

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