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Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass now available

Rainbow Six Siege players can now purchase the Year 5 pass.

Year 5, as previously revealed, brings six new operators to the game, starting with the latest to be added to Rainbow Six Siege, Oryx and Iana.

The Year 5 Pass gives you seven days early access to new operators, will run you $24.99 and includes the following additional VIP benefits:

  • Six Headgear and Uniforms and One Hexagon charm
  • One R6 Aurous Alabaster Signature Weapon Skin
  • One Jager Byte Set
  • 5% Renown Boost
  • 10% In-Game Shop Discount
  • Alpha Pack Boost (+0.3%)

Additionally, the Year 5 Pass will include 30% faster battle pass progression and 30% discount on the premium battle past track.

It's worth noting the VIP perks will end on January 31, 2021 and the 10% discount only applies to purchases made with Renown or R6 Credits. 




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