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Gameplay footage of the game not called Rainbow Six Quarantine or Parasite leaks online

Rainbow Six Parasite has suffered a fresh leak.

We're undoubtedly closer than ever to the release of Rainbow Six Parasite, or Quarantine, or whatever it ends up being called. The PvE Siege spin-off has seemingly been in the hands of some players, one of whom was happy to share the fun with everyone else.

A very short gameplay clip was posted on the massive Rainbow Six Siege subreddit yesterday. Though mirrors were quickly taken down, only one GIF of the brief video still exists.

ThyroidMelanin, the Reddit user who posted the footage, also shared other smaller leaks, including an in-game screenshots, and a skin for operator Alibi. They do not appear to be the person who leaked it, as the watermark bears a different name, but it's not clear where it came from.

The video is from the perspective of Vigil, one of Siege's operators. They, along with Lion and Tachanka are on a mission seemingly taking place in a workshop. Vigil is seen shooting a pulsating sack filled with alien goo to stop it leaking.

Outside of that, there isn't much else going on. The UI should, however, be familiar to Siege players. You still see your health in the bottom left, and the right side shows which grenade you have equipped, the button you use for pings and so on. It looks different, of course, not just thanks to its style, but also because flashlights appear to be an option, alongside a mysterious fifth button.

R6 Parasite/Quarantine ingame screenshot from r/Rainbow6

The screenshot shows the perspective of Lion, also from the same Workshop map/mission. Lion is escorting a VIP, but much of the screen - including the objective - is blurred out.

Both the video and screenshot show each operator's signature gadget on the right side, but we've yet to find out how Ubisoft will translate their PvP effectiveness from Siege to the new game's PvE environment.

Rainbow Six Quarantine/Parasite will be out before the end of September, and Ubisoft recently said that Parasite may not be its final name.

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