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RAGE designer second id staffer to join Oculus Rift

Another well-known id Software staffer has joined the Oculus Rift team.

According to Gamefront, Matt Hooper's LinkedIn profile shows he's taken up a new role at Oculus Rift, as director of development in the new Dallas office.

Hooper was design director for RAGE, and served as creative director for id until February this year. Hooper's departure from id was shrouded in silence and mystery, although speculation suggests it may have had something to do with RAGE's poor reception. That said, although a sequel was shelved the franchise isn't dead, so Bethesda and id can't be too displeased by it.

Joining Oculus will reunite Hooper with John Carmack, who recently re-prioritised his time to favour a new role at Oculus Rift while keeping his position at id. Carmack at Oculus Rift is good news for games, Dave reckons.

Thanks, Blue's News.

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