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Quantic Dream domain registration suggests a PS4 title is in the works

Quantic Dream filed a domain registration back in the fall for something called, which possibly points at one of the two games it is working on for Sony.

Of course one of those titles is Beyond: Two Souls for PS3, but this domain suggests the other title being developed is for the next PlayStation system.

The domain follows a pattern set by Quantic Dream, as previous domains set by the firm include: and

Cage had said previously that Ray Kurzweil's book "The Singularity is Near" influenced his studio's Kara tech demo, but as Superannuation points out, it's unlikely Cage's next title will carry the moniker "Singularity" as the 2010 shooter from Raven Software already bears the title.

However, Super also noted that "Singularity" was the name of a canned action film at Sony Pictures regarding nanotechnology that Roland Emmerich and Ray Kurzweil were collaborating on back in 2011. It's a bit of a head scratcher at the moment, but hopefully something will be announced soon - if rumors of a 2013 next-gen reveal prove true.

More through the link.

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