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Quake Live back up after seven hour downtime

Somewhere in the world, somebody had the free time and the inclination to play Quake Live, and they were seriously disappointed. Rejoice, free-to-fraggers: your world is restored.

Just over an hour ago, the Quake Live team updated with a specific diagnosis of the problem, which resulted a swift resolution:

"Our ISP's engineers have located and are replacing a faulty firewall to remediate the network connectivity issue." had been down for at least seven hours, with an initial tweet confirming the problem followed by confirmation that all servers were inexplicably out of reach:

"The QL Team has verified that all of our servers are online but inaccessible, we are working with our ISP to resolve the outage."

Visiting during the downtime resulted in a time-out error. The site is the portal for the web browser plug-in whence the game is launched.

This is the free-to-play FPS's second outage within the space of a week, with a premium content update taking the game down for a brief and scheduled blackout last Thursday.

Thanks, BigDownload.

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