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Purchase a Taco Bell $5 Buck Box and you might win a Vita

Sony has announced an "Unlock the Box" promotion in partnership with Taco Bell, which will give those in the US with the Mexican munchies a chance to win a Vita every 15 minutes.

To get your name tossed into the proverbial hat, US folks will need to pop into a Taco Bell restaurant January 26 through March 11 and purchase a specially marked $5 Buck Box, which includes a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium drink. A code is printed on the box, and you can enter this code online for a chance to win a PS Vita prize pack.

Prize packs include one PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model, one Little Deviants game, one 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, along with a choice of one of the following games: ModNation Racers: Road Trip, LittleBigPlanet or MLB 12 The Show.

In addition to "Unlock the Box," you can try your hand at a chance with Taco Bell's mobile app Reality Fighters Dojo, an augmented reality game.

The third opportunity is by entering an online contest which encourages users to boast about "what they'd be willing to do for a PS Vita." Consumer videos and images that are submitted will be placed in an online gallery where viewers can vote for the winners.

More information can be found on the US PS Blog.

PS Vita will launch in the US on February 22.

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