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Punch Quest forced into becoming paid game due to lack of revenue

Punch Quest's generosity hasn't repaid developers Madgarden and Rocketcat Games. Despite offering a quality iOS title that has been downloaded over 600,000 times, the team has been forced to start charging for the product.

This change was somewhat inevitable. Although Punch Quest was a freemium title, it's lack of insistency meant many users never bothered to hunt down its store.

The problem was overcome for a few days when the team placed a greater emphasis on in-game purchases through a new price structure and more obvious selling system. Unfortunately, the update's boost tailed off rather quickly.

"The update improved things for like a few days, and then it sank, hard," Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games told TouchArcade.

Auwae suggests this was the only decision the studios could take. "It's 99 cents or increase the price of everything by 8x or more, really."

Punch Quest is available right now for $0.99 or 69p in the UK.

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