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PSA: DAO and Mass Effect 2 DLC out today


In case you've been at work all day, busy with paperwork or shoveling manure - whatever it is you do, we don't judge - you may have forgotten all about the nice bits of BioWare DLC hitting today, so consider this a friendly reminder.

Whether Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2 is your poison, BioWare has something to appease you.

First up is the Witch Hunter DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, featuring the final chapter in the game, and it's a bit Morrigan-centric.

It's available for $6.99/560 BioWare/MSP on PC and Xbox 360, and should hit the US PS Store later tonight, and the European store tomorrow.

Then, there's Lair of the Shadow Broker where you can continue a relationship with blue-skinned Liara and kill a bunch of bad guys as well, for 800 MS/BioWare points on Xbox 360 and PC.

This bit of DLC, along with all the others, will be included with the PS3 version slated for January.


Thanks, Mike.

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