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Fans are fixing the PS5 controller's two-colour problem

Sony's choice of colour for the PS5 DualSense controller has not been well received.

Overnight, Sony officially gave the world a first look at the PS5 controller. The new controller not only flaunts an updated design, Sony is also moving on from the DualShock sub-brand and onto DualSense.

The design of the controller has been a bit polarising, but the default colours in particular have been the biggest point of contention. Unlike other PlayStation controllers, the PS5's pad sports two colours by default. The face is mostly white, with only the analogue sticks section in black. It looks like someone slapped a white skin on a black controller.

Naturally, many have taken matters into their hands in an effort to try and imagine the same controller with single solid colours. An all-black design, similar to the DualShock 4's, was the first to emerge.

Here's @ATLFunkyP's design:

Though some are enjoying re-colouring the controller, others have accepted the current design, and worked instead on imagining how it would look with the different colours.

@PS4_Trophies recreated the same design with teal, pink, and silver - all colours you can find the DualShock 4 in today.

@Thefleshmonk had a similar idea, opting instead for more high-contrast choices like yellow and red while keeping the same design.

It'll be interesting to see if the console itself will follow the same two-colour approach.

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