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PS4's DRM stance has set a 'nice precedent', suggests Sony exec

Sony's pre-E3 conference confirmed to gamers that PS4 games will be DRM free unless a publisher chooses to impose safeguards on its titles, as well as no restrictions on game sharing or the use of pre-owned titles. Sony exec Scott Rohde believes that the company has set a precedent in this area for next-gen.

Speaking with Polygon, Rohde stated that he couldn't see any third-party publisher forcing its own DRM measure on PS4 users after Sony's unrestricted policy became public last week.

"All those publishers were sitting in [our] press conference last night," he said. "When Jack [Tretton], punch after punch after punch, and the house almost came down with all the cheers, they heard that. They heard it loud and clear and they saw the reaction to what our friends in green talked about. I think it's pretty clear that we've set a nice precedent."

Rohde reiterated his belief that publishers will steer clear of PS4 DRM, "Quite frankly it would be pretty surprising to me to see a third party come up with some way to set a new set of DRM rules that were able to act on top of that."

Interestingly, Rohde was one of a few executives targeted during a Twitter-wide 'PS4noDRM' hastag campaign last month. Check out the impact of the campaign here.


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