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PS4 to be "a great platform for MMOs", says DCUO producer

Sony Online Entertainment's Larry Liberty believes the PlayStation 4 will prove to be quite MMO-friendly platform when it launches later this year.

"I would expect that, with all of the amazing features that have been announced for the next PlayStation, that it will be a great platform for MMOs," the DC Universe Online executive producer told NowGamer.

Although it harbours a corporate relationship, Sony Online Entertainment is a games publishing entity distinct from Sony Computer Entertainment, the division that produces PlayStation. It is best known for its PC games, like Everquest and more recently Planetside, and only recently began investing significantly in consoles with DC Universe Online.

"We’ve learned how to work with Sony Computer Entertainment. They’ve become a great partner, and are genuinely interested in effecting change that will make their platforms work better for free-to-play titles," Liberty noted.

"We also learned about the types of content that appeal to console players. Of course, we also have a much better understanding of how to optimize for a hardware specification that is a bit less flexible than the PC," he added.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to launch in the 2013 holiday period. Stay tuned to E3 next week, where we're expecting more concrete dating and likely pricing too.

Thanks, Lengendaryboss.

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