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PS4: The Dark Sorcerer "the minimum quality you can get on the console"

Quantic Dream's stunning PlayStation 4 demo The Dark Sorcerer is just the beginning of unlocking the hardware's potential, according to David Cage.

Speaking with TechRadar, Cage said the PS4's potential is still being unlocked; The Dark Sorcerer is just the start.

"This is basically Beyond's engine, and we were so excited with what we could achieve. Some people were really impressed with the Dark Sorcerer but this is just the beginning, it's the minimum quality you can get on the console," he said.

"It was done with a very small team, a very small amount of time and small resources. Now we have a full team and we hope to make something really impressive."

Quantic Dream's new PS4 project has been in the works since mid-2012 and although Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida wasn't super impressed with Beyond: Two Souls he's excited for the new game. We think it might be called Singularity but then again we had a lot of crazy theories before Beyond was revealed, too.

The PS4 launches in November. Since developers are still squeezing more power out of the PS3 we can expect the new hardware to really hit its stride in about 45,000 AD.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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