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PS4: Sony dropping Online Pass system, expects others to follow suit

Online Passes are old hat, says SCE Europe boss Jim Ryan, and Sony does not expect to see very many of them on the PlayStation 4 - let alone the kind of licensing system utilised by the Xbox One.

Speaking to VG247 at E3 2013, Ryan said that Sony will allow publishers to implement soft used game restrictions like OnLine Pass systems, but nothing more.

"They’re allowed to do something like the Online Pass feature, which doesn’t block or stop it," he said. "It gives an option to charge. I don’t think they can block it."

Sony clarified that publishers cannot utilise any scheme which makes system changes to PlayStation 4, which would be required to restrict players from accessing used games they have on disc.

"Basically, what we’re saying is that there’s no change from current-gen to next-gen," Ryan said.

Of course, that does leave the door open for Online Pass systems, but Ryan said he doesn't expect to see many of those in the coming generation.

"Very much the way the tide is going on current-gen is that people are not pursuing the Online Pass thing. It’s being dropped," he said.

"I mean, some publishers have gone bankrupt and others are dropping it. We’re dropping it ourselves.

"It’s a diminishing phenomenon and I don’t see any reason why that should reverse itself."

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