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PS4 reveal has given PS Vita interest a "shot in the arm", claims Gara

PlayStation 4's spotlight status at E3 has given interest in PS Vita a boost, Sony's UK chief Fergal Gara has claimed. The exec has also touted the handheld's position as a companion device for PS4 in a new interview, suggesting the two will grow increasingly symbiotic going into next-gen.

In his interview with, Gara said of the PS Vita's 2011 launch, "I don't think it's unfair to say it came into a very complex marketplace that probably wasn't fully envisaged at the time development started.

"It borrows a lot from the mobile and tablet world, especially with touch control. And it borrows a fair amount from the PlayStation of old with the analogue sticks. And it's a very worthy and better successor to PSP. Where it's been difficult has been proving the companion status for PlayStation 3. The fact is it was developed for PS4, much more than PS3.

"The number of things we could demonstrate and prove was limited - there's been some good examples - but now we go into the PS4 era, that companion device will look far more clear. We're optimistic it's got a lot more legs left in it and the PS4 has given it a shot in the arm."

Gara cited the inclusion of remote play as a real boost to the handheld's appeal, "When you consider something like Watch Dogs will be available for PS Vita via the Remote Play functionality it's very exciting. And the fact the PS4 is coming out at a well-received price point means it's not out of the question to own both."

The exec also said there are currently no plans for a PS3 price-cut, and stated that the console will prove to be an entry level machine to Sony's banner of gaming devices for a few years yet.

Are you now more-keen on PS Vita following E3? Would you like to see a PS3 price cut soon? Lets us know what you think below.

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