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PS4 Remote Play "just happens", no dev support required

PlayStation 4 natively supports Vita Remote Play at a system level, meaning almost every game will support the feature.

"On PlayStation 4, it just happens. You just make a PS4 game, it supports Remote Play," SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Engadget.

Not every game will work - "Maybe not Just Dance," Yoshida joked, since that will use PlayStation Move or PlayStation Camera - but Sony has made it pretty easy for developers to opt-in.

"Please make sure that when you play your games on Vita, the control is good. That's the minimum thing we're asking them to do," he said.

Although Sony has politely requested developers to implement a Vita-specific control scheme to support Remote Play, that's nothing compared to the work they had to do on PlayStation 3. As Yoshida noted, this changes Remote Play from a rarely-used novelty to a feature with real legs.

"The single biggest issue, why there are not many PlayStation 3 games that support Remote Play, was that it was optional - the system didn't do much. The game has to set aside some memory or CPU to be able to do that, and usually, memory is the most precious resource that teams fight amongst each other for," he said.

"So when it comes down to the priorities, these are features that are very easy to drop."

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