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PS4: Gara explains new PS Plus subs, cross-game chat & more

PlayStation 4 users will be required to pay for a PS Plus subscription if they wish to use multiplayer gaming on Sony's new console, and Sony Computer Entertainment UK chief Fergal Gara has shed light on what the next-gen service will offer gamers.

Speaking with OPM, Gara recalled Sony's aims when considering paid-for multiplayer subscriptions, and said it was something the company would, "agonise over for a very long time," before coming to a decision.

Gara added that the paid tier has helped Sony price PS4 consoles at a reasonable cost, as the subscriptions will help the company recoup its spend in bringing the console to market. He also said that the money will help Sony establish and maintain a world-class online network that is both resilient and full of social tools.

The new PS Plus subscriptions will not apply to PS4 alone, as Gara said, "it applies across three consoles, includes content across all three consoles," suggesting your monthly payment will grant access to multiplayer and extras on both PS3 and PS Vita as well.

Gara reiterates that subcribers will get a free version of DriveClub at PS4's launch, along with other, unannounced bonuses similar to those enjoyed by current PS Plus subscribers.

Finally, Gara confirmed that cross-game chat is now a thing in PS4.

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