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PS4 firmware update 7.00 beta invites rolling out to test expanded party sizes

Beta invites are rolling out now for PS4 firmware update 7.00.

Sony has started sending invites out for PS4 firmware update 7.00, which upgrades parties on PS4, expanding the total to 16 players. The update also improves voice chat quality.

If you have a friend who was invited to the beta, you might want to ask them for a code. Apparently, the codes being handed out can be shared 20 times.

This will come in handy should you want to try out the voice chat update with friends. If they don't have a code, you'll only be able to join a party or use Share Play with those participating in the trial.

Alongside the party upgrade, the system update also makes it so your PS4 won't need to restart after every update. Sony said in the invite posted on resetera that once 7.00 is live, system software updates will "automatically be installed after download" if the System Software Update Files setting is switched on.

A launch date for the final version of PS4 update 7.00 hasn't been announced.

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