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PS4 firmware update 6.51 is here

While everyone was busy watching the Borderlands 3 reveal at PAX East, Sony rolled out a new firmware update for PS4.

PS4 firmware 6.51 is available now worldwide, making it the second update in the same month. 6.50, which came out earlier in March, added support for Remote Play on iOS.

This week's update, however, isn't remotely as excited. You've probably already guessed what 6.51 does, and yes, it "improves system performance." In case you're unfamiliar, this - along with "stability" - has been a common patch note, used by Sony when a firmware update doesn't bring anything exciting.

Firmware 6.51 is a 463MB download, as per usual. It'll be downloaded automatically the next time you go online, and the download is mandatory.

The PSN name change feature, which has been in testing for months, has yet to materialise.

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