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PS Vita pricing hints - UK £280, AU $299

More clues as to PS Vita pricing have turned up, both as rumours and retailer listings.

GAME already has the 3G-equipped Vita up on its website, with the listed price of £279.99 likely to be a placeholder.

The WiFI-only model is up for £229.99.

The news follows on from this morning's report of a £235 UK retail price.

Meanwhile, on the Australian side, an anonymous source told to expect an unusually equitable RRP of AU $299.

Sony announced European, Japanese and US pricing for the PS Vita overnight, pegging it at €299, ¥ 29,980, and $299 respectively. The base model, lacking 3G, will go for €249, ¥24,980 and $249.

Thanks, StolenGlory.

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