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NGP is dead: PlayStation Vita name confirmed, 2011 global launch and prices confirmed

SCE boss Kaz Hirai has finally confirmed what's been clear for a while: NGP's full name is PlayStation Vita.

The Vita name means "life."

Hirai announced that US provider AT&T will be a service partner for Vita.

He also announced details of a new feature called Party, which will enable you to use headset and microphone chat. Near is a social connection tool for Vita that allows to track and chat to friends, compare trophies, make recommendations and more.

SCEA sent out a press release after Hirai's announcement to confirm that the handheld will arrive by year's end in Japan, Europe and US.

Prices for the Wi-Fi flavour are ¥24,980 in Japan, $249 in the US and €249 in Europe. No sterling price.

For the 3G version, it's ¥29,980, $299 in the US and €299 in Europe.

In total, 80 titles are in development for Vita from first and third-party developers, according to SCEA WWS boss Scott Rhodes.

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