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PS Vita is perfect companion to PS4, presents "significant opportunity", says Sony exec

PS4 and PS Vita will work in tandem on many levels going into next-gen, and the pairing presents a significant opportunity for the handheld format says Guy Longworth, Sony's senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

Speaking with, Longworth said of Vita's position at present, "With Vita, we're only 15 months in to launch and now we think that with PlayStation 4 the opportunity for Vita is to be the absolutely perfect companion to the PS4.

"What we're seeing is that once people get it in their hands and buy it, they're buying games and they love it. Now, it's not had as fast a start as we would like, that's common knowledge. But we do really believe in that platform and think that is has a significant opportunity. We think there's a number of things that we can do in the coming months and years that will make it a long-term sustainable business."

When asked about a potential PS Vita price-cut after Sony's pre-E3 conference, Longsworth replied, "You wouldn't expect me to come into pricing discussions unless we announce them at E3. We're about value, we're trying to offer value. You saw last night we were in a position we felt the value of the PS4 was very good at $399.

"With PS Vita we feel that $250 is the right price, and I'm not going to comment on where we might go in the future."

Longworth's attitude surround PS4 and PS Vita seems familiar, as Sony's UK boss Fergal Gara recently said that PS4 has given the handheld a "shot in the arm", backed up by confirmation that all PS4 games will feature mandatory PS Vita remote play features.

Is PS Vita's time in the sun currently in the mail? Can its popularity increase as a companion device to PS4? Let us know what you think below.

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