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Project Scorpio hardware specs and more to be revealed this Thursday

We'll be getting a look at the final specs for Project Scorpio this week.


Update: Digital Foundry has confirmed that it is working with Microsoft for a reveal of the Scorpio this week.

Original story: It's looking like Microsoft is getting ready to unveil a chunk of details about the upcoming Project Scorpio, the more powerful Xbox One slated for release later this year.

Hardware specs and a look at the internals is what will be revealed, apparently. The information comes from Windows Central editor Jez Corden, who said that we'll be hearing more about the technical details of the console this week.

NeoGAF member Shinobi, who has a proven track record with these things, have too chimed in to confirm it's indeed happening this week.

What form this reveal is going to take is still unclear, though one Tweet from the Inner Circle podcast mentions that the console will be revealed through a Digital Foundry article.

When these rumours started appearing late last week, some noted that the reveal will happen through a third-party website rather than a proper Microsoft announcement.

It's possible Microsoft elected to provide the technical details first to get them out of the way ahead of the big public reveal at E3. Many of those interested in such details are likely followers of Digital Foundry anyway, which makes sense.

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