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Project Eternity: latest update discusses Paladin class & abilities

Project Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment has published a new Kickstarter update that talks about the game's Paladin class, as well as its unique abilities.

The update reveals that in keeping with tradition, the game's Paladin class will be melee-based, and paints them as selfless, noble warriors.

Project director Josh Sawyer wrote of Paladins, "They have persistent modal auras, strong single-target healing and buff abilities (contrasting the broad AoE effects of clerics), and can passively grant bonuses to teammates in close proximity.

"In the game's lore, paladins are zealous champions of a cause that may be religious, philosophical, or cultural in nature. The "foundational" paladins in this part of the world were the legendary elite guards of Darcozzi Palace in the Grand Empire of Vailia (now Old Vailia).

"They set standards for selfless dedication, unwavering loyalty, and inspiring leadership that have become the pillars for similar orders that have sprung up in the two millennia since they were founded. Even among orders where the chosen cause is perceived as bleak or malevolent, paladins always place the cause ahead of their own personal interests."

Sawyer then spooled off the Paladin's current starting abilities for all players:

  • Reviving Exhortation (Active) - Paladins can command an unconscious ally to awaken and get back up with an immediate spike in Stamina, though the target will lose half of the regained Stamina after a short duration.
  • Zealous Barrage (Modal) - The paladin and all allies standing within 3m have their attack and ability speed increased. Cannot be used with Zealous March (below).
  • Faith and Conviction - Paladins have an inherent bonus to all defenses (Deflection, Fortitude, Reflexes, and Psyche).

He also listed some abilities players will be able to choose as they progress further in the game:

  • Coordinated Attacks - The ally closest to the paladin attacking the same target as the paladin has a bonus to Accuracy.
  • Shake It Off (Active) - The paladin can command an ally to temporarily ignore existing Hostile effects for a short duration. The effects are suspended; they do not lose any of their duration and will resume as soon as Shake It Off expires.
  • Inspiring Triumph - Allies within 4m gain a temporary bonus to all defenses when the paladin downs an enemy.
  • Zealous March (Modal) - The paladin and all allies within 3m have their movement speed increased. Cannot be used with Zealous Barrage.

Sawyer concluded that Paladins have - so far - proved very effective in combat during internal play-testing. But what about you guys? Do you think Paladins sound like a neat class in Project Eternity? Let us know below.

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