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Project Adventurer artwork shows two enemy types

Project Adventurer shots have been released by The Farm 51, showing off some of the enemies featured in the upcoming action-adventure FPS.

The new enemies will become acquainted with the game's protagonist, a private investigator from San Francisco, as he tries to thwart a Nazi plot to find an ancient and dangerous artifact.

These new creatures, which are shown below are: The Daru, ancient creatures which have walked the jungles of Latin America since before the first civilizations; and the animated corpses of long dead Conquistadors.

There will also be distinct types of mummies shambling about the place, and range from your typical "slow crawlers" to agile fighters.

Each enemy type is programmed to react different to the player, depending on the situation

Developed by The Farm 51 and powered by Unreal 3, Project Adventurer is planned for a 2013 release on PC and Xbox 360, with plans for a PS3 version as well.

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